Pluralsight Course "Understanding ASP.NET Core 2.x" Updated

My Pluralsight course about ASP.NET Core 2 is one of the most popular courses I have. Many people have already watched it and I'm thrilled about the very positive feedback I'm getting about it.

There is 2.x in the title so the intention of the course is that I'm updating it as ASP.NET Core minor versions come out. Since the course was created when 2.0 was released I have now updated it to reflect version 2.1.

Maybe you're thinking: that's a bit late. Well I finished the updates about 4 weeks ago (I'm writing this on 20 July). During these 4 weeks I've been busy getting Pluralsight to publish the updates. I'm told the team at Pluralsight responsible for the updates has a huge backlog so I had to wait for my turn.
In the update I also had created some new clips about HttpClientFactory and the ApiController attribute. It turns out that I'm not allowed to change the number of clips per module so I had to do some rework there.

If you've watched the course before it could be handy to have an overview of the changes. Here goes:

Module: "Exploring the Project Structure of ASP.NET Core 2"

  • Clip "Starting a New Project", "The Project File", "wwwroot", "The Meta Package", "The Main Method" and "Dependency injection" updated with new visuals that reflect the updated dialogs in Visual Studio.
  • Clip "The Main Method" now shows the changed code to startup an app.
  • Clip "The Meta Package" now talks about the new meta package without external dependencies.

Module: "Working with Packages and Libraries"

  • Clip "Packages from NuGet, NPM and Bower" now entitled "Packages from NuGet and NPM" since Bower support has been dropped in Visual Studio and use of NPM is encouraged. Footage has been updated to reflect that.
  • Clip "Working with Bower". I have completely replaced this one for the clip "Working with NPM".
  • Clip "Bundler and Minifier" now gets the bootstrap file from the node_modules folder instead of the bower folder.

Module: "Understanding ASP.NET Core 2 MVC"

There were no fundamental changes for MVC so this module has remained the same.

Module: Setting up a Web API

  • Clip: "Implementing the Web API". Extra bit added where I'm talking about the new ApiController attribute.
  • Clip: "Accessing a Web API from a .NET Application". Extra bit explaining HttpClientFactory.

Module: "Developing Applications Across Frameworks and Operating Systems"

  • Clip: ".NET Core: CoreFx and CoreCLR". Updated to reflect the changed approach on putting everything in NuGet packages vs the meta package.

Module: "Deploying ASP.NET Core 2 Applications"

  • Removed the clip about native dependencies. Since Kestrel by default doesn't use libuv anymore I felt this wasn't a topic for a entry-level course anymore.
  • Because of that I had to split the IIS clip into 2 clips: "Deploying to IIS" and "Configuring IIS".
  • Throughout the module I changed the mentions about libuv accordingly.

Access the course here.

The updated code is here.

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